Daily Hat: Team USA World Baseball Classic Edition


Today’s post features a lid that is, in my opinion, one of the more iconic logos when it comes to international baseball. Team USA has been using this logo for quite some time, and although I’ve wanted one of these hats for a while, I haven’t gotten around to finding one that appeals to me and one that fits me well. However, while working at Lids in Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, Michigan, this was sitting on our shelf for a few weeks, so I had to indulge myself. Let’s take a look at Team USA’s World Baseball Classic official on-field hat.

The front


As most would agree, the front of the hat is the most important part to any sharp-looking lid. For this particular hat, the things that stood out to me were the silver star behind the “US” and the red outlining of the star and lettering. The silver star in the background was a big selling point for me because it gave the hat an extra pop that’s hard to find with an average baseball hat. The red and blue are obvious because they’re representing our country, but the silver could have been white rather than silver. However, I think the white would’ve been too much considering the “US” is white.

The red outlining of the lettering and the star caught my eye instantly, both online and in stores. It accentuates the entire logo very well and to the point that there’s plenty of red, but not too much of it in one area. As you can see, the bill is red, but had the outlining been blue, silver or white, it wouldn’t have the same color scheme effect it does with the red. This is definitely one of the cooler logos that isn’t a minor league baseball team.

The back


Before the embroidery, the back of the hat is fairly simple. The navy blue base is consistent throughout the hat and featured the World Baseball Classic logo on the back. While I was content with that and it looked great the way it did, I decided to get my name embroidered on the back for two reasons: As a Lids employee, I get a discount on embroidery, meaning I could save money to personalize my hat, and I thought the extra splash of red on the back would look good. Pertaining to embroideries, I’m a big fan of the arched cursive over a logo; I have Minnesota Twins and Cincinnati Reds hats with the exact same design that you’ll see later on.

The left side


The left side was your basic New Era style, which is a plain panel with the New Era logo near where the bill meets the base. The designers could’ve done a few things with the New Era logo here. One option was to go with white, which is a nice change from all of the red on the hat. They also could’ve made it red to go with the secondary color, but I think it still might have been a little too much red for me. They also could have gone with silver to match the star on the front. While this might’ve been a cool design, I think it just would’ve looked too awkward since the amount of silver in the overall design was so limited.

The right side


On a lot of hats, the right side will be plain, especially if it’s one of New Era’s generic on-field editions. However, for every World Baseball Classic hat, each team has their country’s flag stitched on the side of their hat. One of the things I like about this is the way you can see the balance of navy blue and red in both our flag and the hat. I think the flag is a nice touch for not only Team USA’s hat, but for all of the WBC teams because it gives the lid a little more meaning to both the players and fans that wear it.


I like my hats to fit tight enough so they won’t move around on my head, but loose enough so my brain isn’t being suffocated, and this lid fits exactly that way. It was definitely ready to wear right out of the store, unlike a lot of hats that have a crease where the back was folded to the front for a long period of time. Although it’s advertised as a high crown lid, my particular hat is closer to a regular crown. All in all, this is one of the hats I will be wearing more regularly because of the color scheme and comfortability.

This hat can be purchased on lids.com in two different styles: One with a red bill and one with a navy blue bill. The red bill edition runs for $37.99 and the navy blue bill at $35.99.


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