Daily Hat: Tampa Bay Lightning

Today I’ll be looking at a Tampa Bay Lightning hat with a gray base and black and white accents. Being the avid Lightning fan that I am, I probably should’ve had a Tampa Bay lid before this, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t because this one has quickly become one of my favorites in my collection.

The front


As I always say, the front of the hat is the main attraction; it’s what attracts most, if not all of the attention. Looking at different Lightning lids, the most common one I saw resembled their home jerseys — all blue with a white logo. That seemed to be too vibrant for me, so I opted for the gray and black version. The black compliments the gray with ease, and I like the fact this particular design kept the bolt the classic white color. In my eyes, it wouldn’t look right if the bolt was a different color like black.

The back


When I got this hat, this was actually an unexpected but pleasant surprise. I figured the back would feature the NHL logo, or even something such as “Tampa Bay” written across the back. However, I like the minimized bolt logo in the back. It gives the hat a little extra flair that might not be common in other hockey hats. For the other two NHL hats I have (Washington and Los Angeles), the NHL logo is stitched into the back, and while that’s fine, I think this design can tell people you’re a Tampa Bay fan even when they’re behind you.

The left side


The left side doesn’t differ much from other New Era hats. It features the classic New Era flag logo on the side and the black logo correlates with the colorway of the rest of the hat. There’s not much different New Era could’ve done with this one except making the logo white, but I think that would’ve looked odd with the rest of the hat.

The right side


The right side is completely plain on this hat since it’s just a generic Tampa Bay Lightning hat. However, my plan is to get some sort of embroidery on the side. It will most likely be a signature from a player in the Lightning organization. I’ve narrowed down my options to the top stars on the Lightning which consist of forward Nikita Kucherov, goaltender Ben Bishop, defenseman Victor Hedman and Tampa Bay’s captain, Steven Stamkos.

Specs and review

As you can see from the images, the holes at the top stay consistent with the gray base, and I think that was a smart decision for this design. I see a lot of hats today where the holes are a different color than the base, and I think that looks tacky or awkward a lot of times. Like the holes, the stitching is gray and is consistent with the base. This hat is more of a prominent high crown that the previous Team USA hat I reviewed, and although it’s a little bit of a different fit, it’s still comfortable on the head.

Like I said before, this has quickly become one of my favorite hats for a few different reasons. The colorway is clean and can match a lot of different fits, I’m able to represent my team more often than wearing my Lightning jerseys, and I have the ability to customize one side of the hat. I found this hat at newera.com, but as of right now, I can’t find this exact hat on their website. New Era has 22 of the 30 NHL teams in the black and gray colorway which I will link here. These lids run at $34.99, excluding shipping and handling.


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