Balkan Hitting

Utica — Utica Unicorns shortstop Brett Balkan is one of the best contact hitters in the USPBL. He’s fourth in the league with a .308 batting average and has only struck out 12 times in 117 at-bats. While his summers might consist of being a pro shortstop, he’s got a different role in the offseason: coaching. Balkan runs his own hitting program, Balkan Hitting, out … Continue reading Balkan Hitting

Dropping the Puck in Asia

Is Asia hockey’s next frontier? As the NHL begins to market the sport in China, it seems that the Philippines and India could be the next market for the NHL.  Just recently, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman decided that the league’s players would not play in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Most players were upset; some, including Washington Capitals star winger Alex Ovechkin, said they would go … Continue reading Dropping the Puck in Asia

Howell Essay Submission: Fake News and the Media

On January 20, 2017, the United States of America entered what seemed like, for many, a parallel universe. Our country had officially entered the Twilight Zone. There were many questions that people from all walks of life had, especially those who were not a member of the majority party. It was hard for many people to accept: Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman, television personality and … Continue reading Howell Essay Submission: Fake News and the Media

Daily Hat: Tampa Bay Lightning

Today I’ll be looking at a Tampa Bay Lightning hat with a gray base and black and white accents. Being the avid Lightning fan that I am, I probably should’ve had a Tampa Bay lid before this, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t because this one has quickly become one of my favorites in my collection. The front As I always say, the front of the … Continue reading Daily Hat: Tampa Bay Lightning

Daily Hat: Team USA World Baseball Classic Edition

Overview Today’s post features a lid that is, in my opinion, one of the more iconic logos when it comes to international baseball. Team USA has been using this logo for quite some time, and although I’ve wanted one of these hats for a while, I haven’t gotten around to finding one that appeals to me and one that fits me well. However, while working … Continue reading Daily Hat: Team USA World Baseball Classic Edition